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Four Ways to Capturing the Perfect Shot at Your Wedding

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Which of these moments from your wedding day will you want to remember the most? The first time you saw each other before the ceremony, when your new spouse put a ring on your finger, or right after they kissed and their dad gave them a big hug. Capturing those moments is what San Diego Wedding Photographer do best as wedding photographers. In this blog post, we’ll go over four ways that will help you capture the perfect shot for every moment at your wedding!

  1. Motion Blur

We start with the most obvious. If you want to capture a crisp and clear image, try not holding your camera during slow shutter speeds. Although anyone can master this technique (practice makes perfect), we recommend using a tripod or monopod so that you can be sure every picture turns out how you want it to.

  1. Natural Light

This one may sound obvious to some, but for those who are new to photography or wedding photography, there is a big difference between shooting portraits during the daytime vs. at night. At weddings, you’ll want to take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible because it’s free and beautiful! Shooting images with light from a window will make a massive difference in the feel of your images. It’s essential to be aware that it may change quickly, so snap away if you see an opportunity!

If there isn’t enough natural light coming through windows at your wedding venue, try using flash during the day with softboxes/diffusers or off-camera lighting to get a nice high-essential look. To get the most natural-looking light, we recommend you shoot between f/16 and f/22 during the daytime to ensure your subject is in focus and there isn’t too much shallow depth of field, making someone’s nose blurry!

  1. Composition

This is the most overlooked aspect of photography. You can have an expensive camera body and lenses, but it will always be lacking if you don’t know how to compose your shot correctly with good background elements or foreground interest. The first thing we look for when composing a photo is leading lines that draw attention to our image’s subject. For example, a path leading up to the bride and groom’s first kiss or a tree branch with leaves frame them perfectly. Also, be aware of patterns in your background, so they don’t distract from the subject.

  1. Natural Expressions

Frequently when couples are in front of the camera, they attempt to smile or laugh. Although you want that genuine reaction from your subject to be captured during a wedding ceremony and reception, if it’s forced, don’t expect great results! It would have been much better for this couple not to force their laughter but instead let them enjoy the moment and capture it when their laughter was genuine.

In conclusion, keeping these simple tips in mind when shooting weddings can help you capture the perfect shot! To learn more about our wedding photography process, give us a call.

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