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Things to know before planning a cocktail wedding

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As things become more and more modern in Melbourne, couples are also switching from the traditional sit-down wedding dinners to cocktail wedding in Melbourne. Earlier, one wanted to have a big and lavish wedding, now even many of them want just that. However, some couples want to spend a minimal amount on their wedding and save it for the future. Cocktail wedding is becoming a fast trend. But those who are planning for a cocktail wedding usually want to know whether there are any benefits of a cocktail wedding? Here are a few things you must know before you decide to have a cocktail wedding.

Inform your guests about the cocktail wedding

May it be 50 or 100, all your guests must know that you are having a cocktail wedding and not a sit-down dinner wedding. Mention it in your card, that after the cocktail wedding there will be cake to follow. When the guests are clear about what to expect from the wedding, they won’t get grumpy when they don’t find any food there.

Appetizers aren’t a good idea

Those who plan cocktail weddings often think that appetizers will be a great way to keep the guests occupied. But in truth, when the waiters move around with the trays in their hands, the food will disappear faster. It is better to use app stations rather than waiters to serve food. Moreover, you can also have a backup in case appetizers run out.

They probably cost the same

If you want to have a cocktail wedding because you want to save the money, it isn’t a wise decision. Feeding a hundred people is expensive, but paying for all the linen, cutlery, and booze will also cost much. There can be a slight difference, but sit-down dinners cost the same as cocktail weddings.

Start your wedding reception at a non-lunch and non-dinner time

Having a cocktail wedding is tricky. Timing is crucial. Your wedding should be around 2 pm after lunch or about 5-6 pm before dinner. In such situations, the guests aren’t hungry and won’t go crazy on your appetizers. Hosting the cocktail wedding at dinner time, late at night, or at noon will have hungry guests who never bodes well.

Guests might get bored

In a cocktail wedding, guests don’t have much to do. They will either talk to one another or sip on some drinks. There is not much food to eat. So, to entertain the guests you can add a D J to your wedding. A DJ will keep your guests entertained.

Cocktail weddings are intimate and cozy. You get to meet your closest friends and family. There is no need to spend a fortune feeding people, and you can use that money for some other purpose.

Modern couples are choosing cocktail weddings because they are intimate, cheaper, and take less time to plan. However, one needs to do proper research before making the decision to do a cocktail wedding or a seated wedding dinner.

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