Wedding Planning Simplified: Your Go-To Guide For Selecting A Venue!


Couples spend months finalizing details of their big day, but they often pay as much attention to the venue as they should. The wedding venue is actually the most important, and often the most expensive, aspect of your budget, and it makes sense to check for at least a few options before choosing one. Some venues, such as Wacouta event center, are popular for weddings and receptions, and it may take a while to finalize the booking. In this post, we are sharing a few tips that may come handy for finding the right wedding venue.

  • Pay a personal visit. You may have shortlisted some of the best-rated venues, but don’t rely on the pictures alone. Make time for a couple of visits, which can help you understand what you can achieve in terms of other services, such as catering and decorations. If you have been thinking of a big fat wedding, you need a venue that can accommodate your guest list.

  • Find more on catering. Food is often the only thing that people remember, and while selecting a wedding venue, you have to figure out what works for your theme. For instance, some venues only accommodate one of the caterers on their list, while others may have their own catering service. You must have complete control on the services and menu at the least.
  • Ask about the dos and don’ts. Not all wedding venues are flexible with what is allowed and what is not. For instance, can you bring your furry friend to the venue? Can you arrange for a theme that requires rearrangement of certain venue features? Find the list of dos and don’ts before taking the final call.
  • Check the basic things. Is the wedding venue a popular one? If yes, how far is it from the city? Would you need to make arrangements for transport? Is there enough parking space? How long do you have to cleanup after the event? Can you see the venue a few days before the wedding? These are simple questions that you must ask.

  • Get estimates. Finally, the budget does matter, and you have to get estimates. We strongly suggest that you check for historic wedding venues that offer privacy and all the arrangements you need. Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, and you want to make it special. If that means paying a tad more for a venue, it’s worth that extra.

Check online for shortlisting wedding venues!

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