Three Things to Remember when Eloping in Vegas


A lot of couples choose to elope for many reasons. Some couples opt for elopement because they want their big day to be just about them. Others prefer a stress-free day to concentrate on each other and a few guests or just their immediate family members. For some couples, an elopement will help you save money and splurge on the honeymoon. Regardless of your reason, the good news is that Las Vegas provides many options on how to personalize your elopement. Below are some tips that can help you plan your own amazing elopement in Vegas:

Choose the Right Location

Those who want custom Las Vegas weddings can opt for contemporary and intimate approach to your elopement ceremony. These include a beautiful desert, a dry lake bed, a quirky spot on downtown Vegas, or conventional venue like a country club. These locations provide a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and require little to no extra decor or improvements.

Hire a Good Officiant

The right officiant is someone who takes a personal interest in your love story and integrates this into a meaningful ceremony. A lot of today’s marriage officiants have the mission to collaborate with couples as well as create and perform personalized ceremonies. They will work with you to help you create a personal and meaningful ceremony.

Pay Attention to Important Details

Things such as dress, shoes, makeup, and hair are obvious considerations. Also, you must think about logistics like transportation and picking up your marriage license. However, don’t ignore the little details you must add to your elopement. These include incorporating special touches within your own wardrobe and bringing special trinkets or mementos. It is a good idea to write your own vows so you can say whatever you want to the love of your life.

Moreover, don’t forget to have a well-chosen bouquet. Think of it as a beautiful accessory. Because you are not spending lots of money on decor, you will not feel guilty bout splurging a bit on some florals. Finally, do not forget the champagne. You will want to toast with the people who are present in your elopement to celebrate this new milestone in your life.

Hopefully, the tips above can guide you while planning your elopement in Las Vegas. Whether you want a modern, intimate, and special elopement, Las Vegas is home to many places where you can make your dream ceremony happen.

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